Case study

Super Butcher increases conversions by 326% and gets 77 x ROI

  • Date :14 April, 2020
  • Client : Super Butcher
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Page Conversion
Return on Investment

The Challenge

“The Eureka for me was 3 weeks before I even engaged with Preezie. I was on Nicks Wine looking for a single malt whiskey and saw their selector tool. I put in my preferences and it threw me 3 results that I have never seen before that were perfect for me. I came back and purchased one of those recommended whiskeys 1-week later. I never saw that feature before and I know Nicks Wine has thousands of products. I instantly saw the connection for our products and had to have the tool on our website".

Super Butcher has been working on the conversion rate for the last 12 months. As they are a mix of both in-store and e-commerce they have a goal to double their conversion rate on their website in the next 9-12 months.

“The Preezie tool turned me from a weekly searcher on Nicks Wine into a buyer”. The fit was natural for Super Butcher, they wanted to provide their customers that same in-store experience online and help their customers through a simple yet advanced product discovery process.

Why Preezie?

After Super Butcher saw Preezie working on Nicks Wine they started their due diligence. “First I went onto the website and looked at the Nicks Wine case study, next I wanted to understand if the questions and answers used any smarts or logic. I quickly saw there was more to the system then just a simple form and filter. Lastly, I went into the app store to look for similar and cheaper alternatives. I found a few tools however none of them had the complexity and functionality that Preezie had".

After that Super Butcher had a few sessions with our team to understand how the application would work, they needed to understand if it could work with their current data and API.

“Preezie ticked all the boxes so we moved forward and have not looked back since”

“Ultimately it was the logic that works behind the scenes that made it make sense for us".

"The typical process of buying meat is more complicated than most know".

"Firstly, a customer goes into the store and can get advice, but further to that, the customer does a lot of decision making before they even walk into the store. For example, they will think what they want to cook, when they want to start cooking, do they want something slow or fast cook, etc".

"All these elements of the decision-making process can get complicated, as most of our customers are not professional cooks. Simply put we wanted to give them the option to understand and think about this online, Preezie gives us that ability”

The Preezie implementation?

“Working with Luke was easy. Luke caught on pretty quickly that we understood the complexity of our business and decision-making logic early so we could move really fast”

“We have not had any issues with the implementation. The Preezie team always answers emails fast and they even pick up the phone if its 7 or 8 pm at night which was needed for us as we were seeing crazy growth during COVID-19”

“There was an issue where at the start where Preezie couldn’t do a particular function we wanted, however, 3 days after I requested it, I got an email from Luke saying it was done. I feel I can come to Preezie with just about anything and they will get it done quickly”

Super Butcher found the onboarding process very enjoyable once we showed them how to make changes in the backend. “Once Luke helped me understand how the system works, how to make changes, I really started to understand how the logic connects to products. I even logged in and changed some animations on mobile and it was super rewarding to see it change in minutes. Now I can login and make changes myself which is impressive for such a complex software”

The results so far?

“At the start we had it running for a month and didn’t see many customers use it, however as we started to put it on more pages more users started using it. We found more value out of it by sticking with it for a while, its currently been 6 weeks and the ROI has increased dramatically week by week.”

Some of the key results from the current implementation of Super Butcher are: 326% increase in conversion rate compared to standard traffic. Customers are 3.2 times more likely to buy if they use the Preezie system. 182% increase in on-page conversion. Super Butcher put Preezie on several existing pages and saw an increase of conversion on those pages of up to 182%. A 77 times return on investment. For every dollar spent on Preezie, Super Butcher sees an approximately 77 dollars returns. Currently it’s one of their best-performing channels.


“Preezie ticked all the boxes so we moved forward and have not looked back since”

Jaden Hassan
Super Butcher

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