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preezie drives lead generation rates by solving two big problems


Significantly increasing lead volumes

For most sales teams, their website is often their WORST performing channel. Despite getting so much traffic. preezie’s workflows enable you to significantly increase your websites lead generation volumes.


Asking smart qualification questions

One of the biggest challenges of lead generation is capturing enough information from a prospect to determine whether they are qualified for a call. preezie’s workflows collect 20+ data points on a prospect and determine how likely a lead is to convert.

Your best performing channel

All too often, the worst-performing channel in lead generation is a company’s own website. How can that be?

Lead generation is the key growth lever at the start of every sales process. preezie helps you significantly increase lead volumes, and improves lead quality.

More leads, more qualified, more often, scored and ranked. It’s why sales and marketing teams love preezie.

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Highly qualified leads, direct to the CRM

What’s the best way to find out if a prospect wants to buy? Ask them if they want to buy!

With preezie, our question based workflows enable you to progressively ask prospects qualifying questions including budget and purchase timelines. We track how customers use our system and score your leads strength, then send this info along with 20+ data points directly into your CRM.

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preezie is lightning fast and integrates with all major customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

preezie can help your business significantly increase conversions in a matter of hours

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