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Supercharge your conversions from 2% to 8%

Drive more revenue with guided journeys, lead capture, exit intents, pop-ups, data analytics and insights.

How can preezie help you grow your
eCommerce business?

Overcoming choice paralysis and reduce the complexity of buying online

With so many options to choose from, customers are left feeling overwhelmed with choice. Captivate shoppers from the moment they click on your website by creating individualised experiences.

Get customers to confidently purchase faster at the right place and time

Buying anything online can be difficult. How can you help shoppers find what they are looking for? It's easy, just ask! Break the barriers of doubt and ask your customers the right questions, just like an in-store sales consultant.

Grow your revenue and gain more from your marketing spend

Make more money with your current marketing campaigns by transforming your shoppers into buyers. Shoppers who use preezie journeys are 3-4x more likely to convert and make a purchase.

Customer transparency with first party data

With the rising concerns of privacy and data collection, shoppers are more aware of how brands use their data!

Shoppers are reluctant to share their information with brands, and brands need to provide more transparency to customers.

Build trust from the get-go and create a mutual data relationship by asking your shoppers the right questions, just like an in-store sales assistant!


Switch the focus from traffic to conversions


Did you know?!

For every one hundred visitors on a typical eCommerce store, only two make a purchase.Yet, so many marketing teams focus on increasing traffic!

preezie helps eCommerce websites increase conversions by giving shoppers perfect product recommendations. This boosts their confidence and trust to buy the products they need.

Level up your conversions, drive more revenue and grow your sales with a comprehensive retail experience platform.

Find a retailer powered by preezie

Set up your eCommerce store for success

Enjoy the flexibility of positioning journeys anywhere on your website. Seamlessly incorporate preezie within the homepage, collection pages, product pages landing pages and more!

Set up your eCommerce store for success

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Gift finders

Suggest the perfect gift for that special someone

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Product recommendation engines

Help shoppers find the right product in seconds!

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Customer gamification

Find out shoppers quirks, interests and needs through quizzes

Digitise your conversation

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Make it memorable

Give shoppers and experience they will remember

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Speak the same tongue

preezie uses language that is engaging, thoughtful and dives straight into the occasion

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Add your brand flavour

Customise and design journeys to your branding guidelines

Build a better data relationship with your shoppers
Something that money can’t buy!


Capturing more data and increasing your email subscribers just got easier with journeys. As your shoppers flow through a journey, you get the opportunity to earn their attention and trust. Individualised journeys warm your shoppers up to your brand, making them feel more comfortable and confident to provide their data..

It just feels right!

Help shoppers make shopping decisions quicker and easier by sending them the results from their preezie journey. preezie elevates brands by empowering shoppers through individual experiences in exchange for shoppers data

Leading global brands already using preezie

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You're just a product feed away!

Easily deploy preezie with 4 simple steps
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Discover, deploy, design and launch journeys
without the hassle of coding.

Connect the technology you already use
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