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preezie enhances eCommerce conversions by solving two big problems


Building confidence to purchase

Buying online is difficult. Most customers don’t know how to evaluate a purchase. This weakens their confidence to transact. preezie’s workflows overcome this by asking your customers the right questions, just like an in-store sales consultant.


Overcoming choice paralysis

There’s so many options to choose from. Even for simple purchases like bedding or wine, customers are overwhelmed with choice. preezie’s recommendation system enables your customers to narrow down choice and see their best matching options.

Conversion is the low hanging fruit

For every 100 people that visit the typical eCommerce store, only 2 will purchase.

Yet, so many marketing teams focus on increasing traffic!

preezie helps eCommerce websites significantly increase conversions by giving your customers their perfect product recommendations and the confidence to buy.

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You don’t fix conversion with distraction

Pop-ups, pop-outs, flash sales, discounts, coupons, cash-backs, people-also-bought widgets, guaranteeing returns---argh, the list goes on.

Distractions don’t help your customers. They distract. You don’t fix conversion with distraction. You fix it with focus. preezie’s workflows help users focus leading to conversion.

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preezie is lightning fast and integrates with all major eCommerce (CMS) platforms.

preezie can help your business significantly increase conversions in a matter of hours

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