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You can set up Results Emails to send each user their personalised preezie Results to their inbox. In order to set this up, we need to send emails via an email address associated with your company.


Set up a SendGrid API Key for Results Emails


1. Create a SendGrid Account


If you don’t have a SendGrid account already, go to https://sendgrid.com/ and create an account.

If you have an account, log into your Dashboard.

2. Set up Sender Authentication

If you have created a new SendGrid account, you will need to set up Sender Authentication in order to continue.

In your SendGrid account, go to Settings Sender Authenticationand complete eitherDomain AuthenticationorSingle Sender Verification.


How to set up domain authentication

Single Sender Verification

3. Create a SendGrid API Key


The next steps require validSender Authentication


  From your dashboard, navigate to Settings on the left navigation bar, and then select API Keys

  1. Click CreateAPI Key

  2. Give your API key a name

  3. SelectFull Access

  4. ClickCreate & View

Copy your API key. You should keep a copy somewhere safe. For security reasons, SendGrid will only show you your API Key once. You can read more about SendGrid API Keys here:


4. Send API Key

Once you have your API Key for your verified account, send this through to your

preezie Customer Success Manager along with:

    1. Email address associated with the API Key - this will be used as the From address for your Results Emails.

    2. Display name for the Results Email.

    3. HTML template for results email design if using your own company branded content.


If you have any questions, contact your preezie Customer Success Manager