Preezie's case studies


Case Study

Bevilles Case Study

Bevilles doubles conversion rate

Sportitude with preezie ecommerce optimization platform

Case Study


Sporitude’s shoe finder sees customers convert at 9.7%

Blue bungalow increase sales using preezie guided conversion

Case Study

Blue Bungalow

Learn how product discovery increases conversions


Case Study

Porter Davis

How to get 29% lead conversion


Case Study

Nicks Wine

Nicks improves CX and sees 652% increase in CR


Case Study

Clothes 2 Order

C2O increased conversion by 246% in 36 hours!

New build solutions lead capture increased by 19%

Case Study

New build Solutions

90% automation, 19% lead capture and 28m saved per lead

Carryboy partnered with preezie

Case study


Carryboy increase sales by 10% with over x40 more leads

Preezie can help your business significantly increase conversions in a matter of hours