Preezie's case studies

Sportitude with preezie ecommerce optimization platform



Sporitude’s shoe finder sees customers convert at 9.7%

Super Butcher Preezie 326% conversion rate and 77x ROI

Case Study

Super Butcher

326% increase in conversion rate, 77x ROI

Blue bungalow increase sales using preezie guided conversion

Case Study

Blue Bungalow

Learn how product discovery increases conversions


Case Study

Porter Davis

How to get 29% lead conversion


Case Study

Nicks Wine

Nicks improves CX and sees 652% increase in CR


Case Study

Clothes 2 Order

C2O increased conversion by 246% in 36 hours!

New build solutions lead capture increased by 19%

Case Study

New build Solutions

90% automation, 19% lead capture and 28m saved per lead

Carryboy partnered with preezie

Case study


Carryboy increase sales by 10% with over x40 more leads

Preezie can help your business significantly increase conversions in a matter of hours