Preezie's new look!

We take great pride in presenting Preezie’s new visual identity! 


The year has been more than productive for Preezie. We are allocating more resources into development and are building out an amazing product roadmap. Sales are also growing month on month and it’s now time to showcase our growth in a transformation of our visual identity. This transformation was essential to us as it reflects our goal of playing a leading role in helping e-Commerce and Lead Generation companies compete in the digital economy.


With a completely redesigned company website and brand-new visual identity of our products and solutions, we are emphasising our dedication in helping our clients manage an immense volume of customer information and offer each one of them the right product in a more engaging way.


Guided by our new brand claim – We help companies guide their customers to conversion – we are making a strong position as the world’s first Guided Conversion platform. With our Guided Conversion platform, our clients will eliminate two major enemies when it comes to achieving their online conversion goals.


Built from diverse stakeholder input from across the company and our partners in Skalata, our new visual identity aims to present the ease and value of Preezie globally. Our new brand color – orange provides our company strong, a recognizable identity that separates Preezie from others.


Together with these simplified and engaging elements, Preezie is making a statement of intent for what Preezie is and will become in the years to come: an innovative company that strongly stands behind their customers, supporting them and helping them to increase their online conversion and customer satisfaction through guided conversions.

Preezie can help your business significantly increase conversions in a matter of hours