Case study

Bevilles Jewellers doubles eCommerce conversion rate

  • Date :4 September, 2020
  • Client : Bevilles Jewellers
113 x
return on Investment
conversion rate after Preezie
increase in AOV

The Challenge

Bevilles essence was to provide customers with a fabulous experience.

“Our internal challenge was to increase online engagement, reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions and sales. We wanted to find an ecommerce solution that was customer focused, playful and engaging and finds what the customer wants every time, in a timely manner. The challenge was how we do this, a bespoke solution would be expensive, as opposed to an out of the box solution which has been tried and tested. Enter Preezie.”

Preezie provides the Bevilles brand a platform so customers can quickly find what they are looking for, the back-end system sifts through 1000’s of SKU’s, by simply answering a few considered questions.

“The back-end workings of Preezie is complex however the front is simple, seamless and follows the customer’s needs and wants for every step of the purchase path, which is why it leads to sales.”

“Putting the outcomes to one side, the customer are engaged by the offering, they love it. Preezie the guided buying tool, is frankly brilliant.”

Why Preezie, did you look at other Solutions?

“We have numerous product categories and 1000’s of SKU’s to select from. Preezie simplified the shopping experience and allowed the customers to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ with a few clicks.”

“We did investigate other solutions, however there was nothing as unique and tailored as Preezie’s service offering, it was a quick decision for us as they ticked all the boxes.”

The Implementation

“Preezie were nimble and agile, which we loved. We had our first workflow up and going within a week which was brilliant. Within a month we had five workflows operating. We saw immediate customer engagement and sales results. The team within Preezie guided us every step of the way, we found them a delight to work with.”

What Bevilles Liked

“Simple, the offering and service is brilliant, it works and most importantly it’s customer centric, our customers love the tool. The outcome was an increase in customer engagement and sales.”

“What we also discovered after implementing Preezie on the site was how we could use the system to display products that were otherwise hard to find. For example, we have over 1,700 watches, so it can be hard to see all your most suitable watches. With the correct tagging and system configuration we were able to show customers products they have never seen before; this really helped our product discovery and our customers find and see product they didn’t see in the past.”

The Results

Since launching Preezie Bevilles have seen immediate results that include:

- A staggering 113 ROI.

-35% of all revenue during August went through the Preezie platform.

-eCommerce website conversion rate doubled since implementing the platform.

-Average order value increased by approx. 27%.


“Preezie is more intuitive than any other tool in we have seen. If you are serious about ecommerce and want to lift your sales, you must take a serious look at this service, its first class.”

Lisa Albert
General Manager, Marketing

Preezie can help your business significantly increase conversions in a matter of hours