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What is Guided Conversion?

Customers struggle to convert online because of two main reasons

They don’t know how to buy
They struggle to choose the right product

How we fix this?

Guided Conversion overcomes these problems by helping your customers evaluate their buying criteria and enabling them to make product decisions through smart recommendations.
This increases conversion rates on average by 400%.

Guided Conversion works for eCommerce and lead generation

Guided Conversion in eCommerce

Increase conversions by showing your customers how to buy. Most eCommerce websites are converting less than 2% of their traffic.

preezie workflows enable your customers to develop and evaluate their consideration set (purchase criteria), and find suitable products using our smart recommendation engine.

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Guided Conversion for lead generation

Increase your websites lead generation rates by asking your customers the right questions.

preezie workflows enable you to meet your customer’s buying criteria whilst demonstrating how your product is the best fit.

preezie leads connect directly into your CRM and are highly qualified through our proprietary lead propensity engine.

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The worlds #1 guided conversion and product discovery platform.
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Lisa Albert
General Manager - Marketing

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