BOOST customer experience, sales and leads

Use Preezie's intelligent automation platform to create virtual sales assistants giving your customers enhanced experiences, leading to higher conversions for your business.


Grow your business with smart automation technologies

Enhance Customer Experience

Reduce confusion, stress and info overload for your customers

Increase Conversions

Generate more leads and sales with engaging quizzes and virtual assistants

Capture Data

Learn about what “your customer” really wants in real time

The Preezie Magic? How we do it?

Preezie builds and integrates virtual sales assistants within your digital platforms as simple as setting up Google Analytics. We work with businesses to understand their sales processes (your customers path to purchase). From here Preezie automates this process using our intelligent algorithmic engines (this becomes your systems brains).

Once your systems brains are setup, we then connect it to fun and easy to follow quizzes and chat bots, allowing your customers to use them 24 7. Giving them a seamless experience online, just like speaking with a sales expert offline, only online.


Who we work with?

Our platform is omnipotent and scalable. It can be used for both products or services. If your business wants to get more leads, sell more products, enhanced customer experience or automate decisions get in touch.






"Since implementing the Preezie platform we have never seen this level of lead generation through our website. Preezie has an extremely powerful platform with lots enhanced features out of the box. Their recommendation engine is flexible and requires no development to configure, I can make changes in minutes. It is clear after only 4 weeks that Preezie is going to be a focus for our digital strategy going forward as the ROI and conversion rates are outstanding while the information captured is perfect for product development"

Paul Nardella Jr.

General manager

Carryboy Australia

"One of the first leads we captured resulted in a sale of a $500k house and land package and a very happy family. If I could sum up the benefit of the platform it would be of course lead capture and conversions but also the wealth of data and insights gained from the process. We learn something new everyday about our potential clients, their preferences in area, budget and design and we can tailor solutions real time to the market demand."

Julie Wright

General Manager - Business and Digital Transformation

Porter Davis

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